The Student Mentor Project

A Win/Win/Win Solution

Billions of dollars every year are being spent by public and private entities to try and solve a myriad of social problems in the adult population including but not limited to: homelessness, crime/incarceration, and health and welfare support. But, while these problems are being addressed, the next generation of these problems is being born and raised.

“The Problem is on Our Streets, But the Solution is in Our Schools”

Problem #1 - State Impact of High School Dropouts

  • In California alone, over 100,000 high school students will dropout each year.
  • 19% of all 9th grade students will dropout over the course of 4 years.
  • For Hispanic and African-American students, the rate is 24% and 33%, respectively.
  • Lower earnings of the dropouts will cost California over $1 Billion in lost State Tax Revenue
  • Dropouts are less healthy, and will cost the State an additional $1 Billion/year in Medi-Care costs
  • Dropouts add $1.4 Billion to the States incarceration costs.

Problem #2 – College Costs and Loan Default Rates

  • From 2003/04 to 2013/14 academic years, the UC tuition costs increased an average of 14%/Year.
  • Student debt is increasing at an alarming rate each year as all college costs increase every year.
  • Student loan defaults are now beginning to show up in large rates, and are causing the State to cancel loan programs at some schools with the highest rates.
  • Tuition Rates are scheduled to increase 28% over the next 3 years at UC schools.

Problem #3 – Low “Mentor to At-Risk Youth” Ratio

  • At-Risk youth, grades 4-8, vastly outnumber the available, qualified mentors/tutors in all programs throughout the state.
  • Mentoring/Tutoring, 1hr/week for one year is shown to improve the following for at-risk youth:
    • Self-Esteem by 62%
    • Grades by 48%
    • Graduation Rate by 68%
    And reduces the following:
    • Drug Use by 46%
    • Alcohol Use by 27%
    • Violence by 38%

Your Contribution is a Win/Win/Win Solution with TSMP

Win #1: Scholarship money supporting college students for up to 3 years

Win #2: College age mentors for 4th-8th grade At-Risk Youth

Win #3: Long term reduction in high school drop out rates, homelessness, incarceration, social service/healthcare costs resulting in billions of dollars in cost savings and tax revenue to the State and people of California.

Click to read an interview with Bill Godwin, founder and president of The Student Mentor Project