The Student Mentor Project
What We Do!

What We Currently Do!

  1. With the help of Mentor, A National Mentoring Partnership, The Student Mentor Project (TSMP) has developed a checklist for approved mentoring programs.
  2. Reaching out to the local community, TSMP will partner with local after-school and community based mentoring programs that meet the criteria of the checklist, and who have agreed to take on mentors that apply through the TSMP program.
  3. Currently partnering with UC Berkeley’s Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, TSMP has developed a scholarship format, offering a 3-year tiered $6,000 scholarship as follows:
    1. $500/sophomore semester - sophomore year
    2. $1,000/junior semester – junior year
    3. $1,500/senior semester – senior year
    4. All paid at the beginning of each semester, provided the mentor has met his/her hourly requirements as set forth by the mentor program and TSMP.
  4. TSMP monitors the activity of each mentor with the TimeStation smartphone app that photographs the mentor and mentee, time and GPS stamps the mentors attendance, and allows TSMP web access to this information for mentor time verification.

What We Are Planning To Do!

  1. Work with UC Berkeley to be able to offer work/study hours for student volunteering for TSMP in areas of fundraising, social media, and advertising.
  2. Working with the appropriate department at UC Berkeley, develop an on-going graduate research affiliation, tracking and evaluating the success of the mentored at-risk students over the long term.
  3. Develop a network of former TSMP mentors to set up and manage this model at multiple college communities around California and the US.
  4. Allow ALL 4th-8th grade youth to have a consistent long-term mentor in their lives.