The Student Mentor Project
Frequently Asked Questions

About TSMP

  • • What is the Student Mentor Project?
    The Student Mentor Project is a single source solution to two seemingly unrelated problems. By offering a three year tiered scholarship to college students who will commit to and perform three years of mentoring at-risk youth in the local community, The Student Mentor Project (1) Addresses the shortage of needed mentors for 4th-8th grade youth, and (2) Reduces the increasing burden of higher education costs and student debt.

    At-risk youth are potential future high school dropouts. Mentoring of at-risk youth has been shown, through numerous studies, to increase high school graduation rates by up to 78%. In California, each high school dropout, over his or her life span, will cost the state $292,000 in homeless, incarceration, social service and healthcare costs, as well as lost tax revenue on lower earnings. With a projection of over 100,000 dropouts this year alone, these costs add up to Billions of dollars for the tax payers of California. More mentors equals fewer dropouts, which equals billions in savings.

    At UC Berkeley alone, there are thousands of highly motivated, intelligent and capable mentors in the sophomore through senior classes that are struggling to pay the ever-increasing costs of college. The average student is graduating with $35,000 in loans.

    The Student Mentor Project plans to offer a three year, tiered scholarship of $6,000 ($500 each sophomore semester, $1,000 each junior semester, and $1,500 each senior semester), on a need basis, to students that will commit to and perform 1 to 1-1/2 hours per week of mentoring at anyone of several, pre-qualified community or after school mentoring programs in the Oakland/Berkeley area.
  • • Are you a 501(c)3?
    Yes, The Student Mentor Project is a registered California 501c3 corporation. Our IRS Letter of Determination is in effect as of May 26, 2015.

How To Help

  • • How can I help?
    At this time, monetary donations are the most important help we can get. The more money we have, the more scholarships we can give, the more mentors we can supply and ultimately, the more at-risk youth we can help.
  • • Are you hiring?
    TSMP strives to give >95% of it''s donations as scholarships. Therefore, to keep our overhead as lean as possible, we are not hiring at this time. However, there are some part-time volunteer opprtunities. Please contact us to discuss.